Monolith Awards 2023

The Infinity Festival Monolith Awards celebrate achievements in “Story Advanced by Technology” and are judged by a distinguished panel of experts hailing from top Hollywood studios, tech companies, and Fortune 500 companies. This diverse group of creatives and innovators bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that the most deserving projects are recognized. For 2023, the Technology Awards ceremony was held on May 19th at the IF Silicon Beach Event.

The Creative Awards were given at Infinity Festival Hollywood in November. The Monolith Awards are given in two categories: Technology and Creative (Narrative Arts).  This reflects the festival’s commitment to showcasing the very best in cutting-edge storytelling, encompassing not just traditional film and television but also emerging media such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

At the Infinity Festival Monolith Awards, attendees can expect to witness some of the most groundbreaking and imaginative works that are pushing the boundaries of what it means to tell a story in today’s media & entertainment landscape. The awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the art of storytelling and the power of technology to enhance and transform our creative expression.


Given at Infinity Festival Silicon Beach on May 19, 2023

The Walt Disney Studios StudioLab
Pixar Animation Studios
MoonRay Renderer
Snapdragon Spaces
360 Camera in Open Space
Felix and Paul
8K Live Streaming Pioneer
Ravindra Velhal – Intel
Spin Digital/Globo
LED Lighting for Virtual Production
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Monolith Tech Awards Committee

Josh Arensberg – Verizon

Jordan Bartow – Google Cloud

John Canning – AMD

Rick Champagne – NVIDIA

Patrick Costello – Qualcomm

Paul Debevec – Netflix

John Gauntt – The Augmented City

Lisa Gerber – Amazon Web Services

Dan Gregoire – Nep Virtual Studios

Annie Hanlon – Netflix

Marc Johnson – Live Planet, Inc.

Phil Lelyveld – ETC @ USC

Mark Lieber – Infinity Festival

Penny Malsch – Intel

Barbara Marshall – Z by Hp

Will McDonald – Unity

Danilo Moura – Simulated Reality

John Rubey – Rubey Entertainment

Anshel Sag – Moor Insights and Strategy

Lori H. Schwartz – StoryTech

Seth Shapiro – Alpha Transform Holdings

Brad Spahr – Sony Music

Christina Lee Storm – Netflix

Sebastian Sylwan – Netflix

Alice Taylor – Disney StudioLab

Todd Terrazas – JoinAI

Chris Vienneau – Movielabs

Erik Weaver – ETC @USC

Ken Williams – ETC @ USC

Michael Zink – WarnerMedia


Given at Infinity Festival Hollywood on November 3, 2023

Quantum Breakthrough
“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”
Sony Imageworks
Outstanding Narrative Video Game World
God of War Ragnarök
Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Outstanding Narrative MXR (hybrid) Experience
Disney Studio Lab
Outstanding Narrative Video Game World
Baldur’s Gate 3
Larian Studios
Outstanding Use of A.I. Storytelling
In Search of Time
Outstanding New Media Fine Art
Living Paintings
Refik Anadol
Geroges Méliès Pioneering Filmmaker
“Avatar: The Way of Water”
James Cameron
Jon Landau
Ryan Champney
Outstanding Virtual Production Scene
Creating the Dragonstone Bridge
“Game of Thrones: The House of the Dragon”
HBO Entertainment
Monolith Plus
Opening Pandora’s Box
Tom Grane
Outstanding Cinematic Immersive Experience
Le Musk
ARR Studios – A.R. Rahman
Intel – Ravindra Velhal
Outstanding Marketing for Tech-Based Entertainment
Gorillaz Presents
Nexus Studios

Monolith Creative Awards Committee

Co-Chairman – Jay Williams, Infinity Festival

Co-Chairman – John Canning, AMD

Mariana Acuna Acosta – Technicolor

Daniel Barak – R/GA

Vicki Dobbs Beck – ILMxLAB

Elijah Allan-Blitz – Director

Ana Brzezinska – Tribeca

Raegan Brown – Intel

Rick Champagne – NVIDIA

Christian Cloud – Intel

Simon Crownshaw – Microsoft

Noam Dromi – Reboot Studios

Addy Ghani – Disguise

Carolyn Giardina – Variety

Alton Glass – GRX Immersive

Annie Hanlon – Netflix

Alexx Henry – BlueVishnu

Marc Johnson – Digital Media Executive

Blake Kammerdiener – SXSW

Bill Kendal – Story World

Kevin Lau – mOcean

John MacInnes – MacInnes Studios

Daniel Mallek – Yu Studio

Barbara Marshall – Z by HP

Ron Martin – Unity

Adam Newman – Infinity Festival

Amanda Orr – Toonstar

Joanna Popper – Independent

Morgan Prygrocki – Adobe

Jackson Rogow – Infinity Festival

Lori H. Schwartz – StoryTech

A.J. Sciutto – Magnopus

Eric Shamlin – Media Monks

Christina Lee Storm – Independent

Alice Taylor – Disney Studio Lab

Ste Thompson – Powster

Justin Winters – Verified Labs

Boo Wong – Independent

Iris Wu – Ambidio


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Monolith awards

The Infinity Festival Monolith Awards celebrate achievements in “Story Advanced by Technology.” The Monolith Award is voted on and judged by a panel of creatives and innovators from major Hollywood studios, tech companies and fortune 500 companies.

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