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Infinity Festival Hollywood is an annual, multi-day event that celebrates “STORY ENABLED BY TECHNOLOGY.” Join us for interviews with the smartest, most connected, most fascinating people in storytelling & technology. Since 2018, Infinity Festival has grown to become the premiere, and only event that unites the talent behind Hollywood storytelling with the power of Silicon Valley technology.

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 12 – Using Cloud Workflows for the Guardians of Justice on Netflix

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 11 – Competing Visions of the Metaverse

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 10 – Living the Content with Volumetric Capture

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 9 – The Changing Face of Media

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 8 – How to Get Up and Running in Virtual Production, Fast

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 7 – The Intersection of Gaming & Media

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 6 – The Studio Perspective

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 5 – How The Metaverse Gets Made

The Road to Hollywood IF Ep. 4: A Deep Dive into the World’s first Interactive Dance Show

The Road to IF Hollywood Ep. 3: Story Enabled by Technology


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Monolith awards

The Infinity Festival Monolith Awards celebrate achievements in “Story Advanced by Technology.” The Monolith Award is voted on and judged by a panel of creatives and innovators from major Hollywood studios, tech companies and fortune 500 companies.

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